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Hummer Sunset & Critter Hunt

Experience Desert Wildlife at Night!

Sit back and relax in a H2 Hummer, and experience the gorgeous Arizona sunset like you’ve never seen before.

Whether you’re a tourist visiting for the first-time or an Arizona local, the Arizona desert is a unique experience that is exciting, adventurous, and outside-the-box. Your experienced adventure guide will navigate through the vigorous desert terrain and bring you to our amazing sunset vista.

Get you camera ready to capture the magnificent colors as the sun sets behind the distant mountains in the Sonoran desert. Hop back in the Hummer and let the hunt begin! Your guide will take you deeper and deeper into the desert to see what mysterious creatures come out at night. Each party will be supplied with both with a high powered flashlight and black light so you won’t miss any of our famous nocturnal friends. If you have never seen it before our famous AZ scorpions glow like the moon under the black light, so be ready because these little critters are quick.

After the hunt has finished, everyone gets back up into the Hummer and is brought back to their starting location. This tour is perfect for the summer months (times change depending on the sunset).